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Panel Discussion on Building Information Modelling (BIM)

‐ May 10, 2023 10:45am

Panel Discussion on Building Information Modelling (BIM) | Did you ever question: •What is BIM? Building Information Modeling or Building Information Management? •What are the real benefits of BIM? Better quality, lower cost and shorter project times?•Where is BIM providing today value or coming short? Design and Planning, Construction, Maintenance? •Do we need all BIM functionalities or cherry picking is a better approach? •What is the cost of BIM? The tools or the human resources?•When does BIM brings value for the money?•Are the available digital tools today matured? Is digital obsolescent a future challenge?  •Does BIM tools require a new (digital) mind set to be fully successful? How can we educate our future expects?•How we keep our BIM system up to date? Do we need a new BIM Department?•Does BIM require a new project organization? Without silos and fully open? Is it possible?•Is BIM ready to fully support Maintenance? •Should we integrate specific needs of the Pharma industry into BIM? •How can BIM help to streamline Qualification and Validation?•How far in time are IoT and a true Digital Twin in BIM? If you have such questions or others, you are very welcome to join our panel discussion! We have four panelists with strong experience in BIM for project execution and beyond: Peter Carter Luke from Novo Nordisk and Aurélien Paul Gernier from Takeda will provide the end user perspective and expectation for BIM, while David O’Brien from Exyte and Jochen Schumacher from Carpus & Partner will share their project execution experience with BIM.


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