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AI Solution Validation for Environmental Monitoring

‐ Jun 26, 2023 3:00pm

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning covers a broad set of technologies that are increasingly being used across the Life Science Industry. Machine learning is a subset of AI and involves computers processing large amounts of data in order to build mathematical models (i.e., algorithms) based on data in order to make predictions or decisions. Regulated companies have initiated the implementation of this powerful tools to facilitate and automate processes potentially affecting Patient Safety and Product Quality.  Based upon this technological approach, an automated solution for Automatic Trend Analysis has been designed and implemented to allow the automatic evaluation of the environmental trend (e.g., water points, cleanrooms) acquired from the LIMS database. On a recurring base (e.g. weekly) the system reads monitoring test data of a specific element and runs a ML-based algorithm to try and detect Out of Trend (OOT) in the trend. The presentation will describe the Life cycle implemented for the development, release and maintenance of the Machine learning embedded in the SW Solution executed by the Business Process Owner.


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