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Boost Production Agility by Tracking Daily Inventories

‐ Jun 27, 2023 4:50pm

With demand outstripping supply and the increased focus on access to medicine, the need to maximize production yield and throughput in biopharma remains a high priority. A challenge that spans ERP to the plant floor is having an accurate daily picture of inventory levels throughout all the interconnected production steps. Without this visibility, both scheduling and production personnel are less equipped to make effective decisions that fine-tune operations. This can negatively impact production yield and throughput. Efficient use of materials and energy are also affected, and product traceability becomes more challenging. In this presentation, learn about the latest advances in daily inventory accounting through a dynamic mass balance approach that reconciles all relevant flow, level, composition, density and related measurements to give an accurate picture of the work-in-progress inventory throughout the production process. This approach provides accurate plan vs actual information for scheduling and production, and improves yield, throughput and energy efficiency through more informed corrective adjustments to operating conditions.


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