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Workshop: Holistic Digital Pharma 4.0 Maturity Assessment

‐ Oct 15, 2023 12:00pm

This workshop wasn't recorded, and on-demand content only includes the handouts.

The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated due to its involvement with products that are essential to human health. The Holistic Pharma 4.0 Digital Maturity Assessment is a key step for pharmaceutical companies aiming to implement digital transformation initiatives in the framework of Industry 4.0 or Pharma 4.0. The objective of this workshop is to enable participants to apply and conduct the Holistic Pharma 4.0 Digital Maturity Assessment, evaluate the organization's status and readiness for digital transformation, identify areas for improvement and comprehend the major obstacles they may encounter the path to achieving a higher maturity level. Participants will also learn how to interpret the results of the assessment through a heatmap, which will highlight the organization's strong and weak areas of structural capability. The goal is also to get feedback from the audience of the maturity assessment for content and structure. The workshop is designed for all managers involved in a digital transformation journey like Chief Digital Officers (CDOs), Quality leads, Engineering, IT, Operations and Supply Chain of all kinds of life sciences manufacturing organizations and Service, Equipment and Software providers to assess the organization's maturity in regard to readiness for a digital transformation.

0900 - 0915: Welcome, Announcements, Introductions by Christian Woelbeling
0915 - 0945: Presentation of Pharma 4.0 Maturity Assessment model by Daniele Iacovelli, Vincent Gerber, and Philipp Klaesle
0945 - 1015: Six Pharma 4.0 Industry Surveys - Maturity Lessons Learned by Teresa Minero and Laura Kuger
1015 - 1115: Execution of assessment with participants by Vincent Gerber and Philipp Klaesle
1115 - 1145: Discussing the maturity assessment results by Vincent Gerber and Philipp Klaesle
1145 - 1200: Feedback round for the Pharma 4.0 maturity model approach with all participants