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Workshop: Designing & Operations of a Flexible Mfg Facility

‐ Oct 15, 2023 4:00pm

This workshop wasn't recorded, and on-demand content only includes the handouts.

Designing and Operations of a Flexible Manufacturing Facility Workshop. The first presentation will focus on the importance of facility programming to develop a thorough conceptual design that sets the project on the right path of an efficient design that meets schedule and cost targets. The programming approach will walk-through the development of a layout and challenges of defining criteria for a flexible facility.
- Identifying facility requirements and prioritizing needs vs. wants
- Progression of a conceptual layout
- Defining flexibility to provide a basis for the design

The second presentation will be a case study of a CTDMO that will discuss the overall facility and it's approach to the facility designed for Multi-products, Multi- clients, and muliti-manufacturing and testing areas to provide a facility that provides end to end capabilities for ATMP drug products. The presentation will demonstrate the approach and key drivers for the facility design focused on a flexible suite for multiple products, multiple clients and accommodation of all levels of therapy life cycle including clinical and commercial production considerations.
- Room layout for flexibility in current and future process operations
- Suites designed for ease of change-over and reconfiguration
- Multiple floors with differing room arrangement options
- Understanding challenges of facility retrofit and renovation