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Science, Patient & the Role Engineering Plays as a Catalyst

‐ Oct 16, 2023 8:50am

Scientific innovation is moving faster than ever before. In this environment, top scientific leaders and pharma organizations are driven by the needs of the researchers working across a myriad of scientific platforms, therapeutic areas and methods. Moving beyond the historical imperatives of delivering cost-efficient assets on time, engineering and operations teams must partner with CSOs and other scientific leaders to add exponential value to research settings. Gilead’s Foster City campus is recognized as one of the most sustainable biotech campuses in the world, as evidenced by its use of renewable energy, large-scale solar installations and eco-friendly infrastructure. As Gilead maps out its next decade, including plans for a new Research Center in Foster City, hear from Gilead EVP of Research Flavius Martin, M.D. about the strong partnership between Research and Corporate Operations as the company expands Gilead’s Research footprint to ensure a distinct home that is socially responsible for the company’s community of scientists. The new Research Center will build on Gilead’s history of success in this space, redefine sustainability standards for research buildings and allow the company to attract and retain top scientific talent.


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