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The Holistic Digital Transformation: The Pharma 4.0 Journey

‐ Oct 16, 2023 3:15pm

The holistic digital transformational approach is the mission of the ISPE CoP Pharma 4.0. The ISPE Baseline Guide Pharma 4.0 created by the CoP Pharma 4.0 is educating on the basic principles of this transformational journey! One of the key prerequisites for a digital transformation is the vertical and horizontal integration. From the beginning the concept of the integration is based on a holistic “Plug & Produce” concept to build an environment which is based on an interoperable architecture to turn data into knowledge for accurate data-based decision making. Getting out of the Lighthouse trap and building interoperable “Manufacturing X” environments!

1345 – 1405: Digital Transformation – Scotty, Beam Me Up... – The Pharma 4.0 Baseline Guide by Christian Wölbeling
1405 – 1425: Unlocking Efficiency and Innovation: Harnessing Process Events in the Life Science Industry by using OPC UA by Rod Hoffman
1425 – 1445: Unlocking Efficiency through Digital Twins by Rene Pascal Fischer
1445 – 1515: Panel Discussion: The Future of Integration – A Never Ending Story?