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Advancements in Drug Development and Equipment Design

‐ Oct 17, 2023 11:45am

The main needs for pharmaceutical companies have been described extensively, such as: Bringing NDEs faster to the market and gaining a higher supply chain agility. Applying advanced manufacturing technologies is one answer by which those needs can be addressed. Close collaboration between all departments and external stakeholders such as the regulators is another opportunity. Whether in the development or manufacturing, every activity is focused on getting critical treatments as fast, safe, and agile as possible to the patient.
This session will provide key principles for accelerating product development, adapting advanced manufacturing technologies and automation solutions supported by best-case examples, and answering the following key question: What is still missing today, and how will this be addressed in the future?

1015 - 1040: API Attributes: LOS to Commercial Drug Product Process by Steve Crowley
1040 - 1100: The Only Thing Certain is Change: Planning Automation Design to Meet Future Flexibility by Rachelle Howard
1100 - 1120: Continuous Tableting Control Strategies: When and How to Apply Them by Anthony Tantuccio
1120 - 1140: CMC Acceleration Levers for Product Development by Shermeen Abbas
1140 - 1145: Question and Answer/Panel Discussion moderated by Richard Steiner

Session Supporter: Pharmatech Associates


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