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The Potential of Modular Production with Zenon and MTP*

‐ Oct 17, 2023 2:15pm


The rising demand for individual solutions and small batches is leading to increasingly shorter product and innovation cycles. This is a challenge facing the pharmaceutical industry and process manufacturing in particular. Conventionally structured process plants in the fields of chemistry, food, cosmetics and pharma are usually not flexible enough. They cannot efficiently manage the introduction of new products or changes to production quantities. Digitalization and modularization offer solutions to these challenges as they simplify the process. Modular production allows the overall task to be subdivided into small parts. In contrast to previous monolithic approaches, the production process is divided into individual services and standardized. Logical interconnection enables the individual modules to be connected in multiple different ways, a.k.a. plug & produce. The result is a high-performance solution for agile production that not only offers advantages for the pharmaceutical industry and process manufacturing, but will revolutionize production in many industries. We will show a real use case with MTP (Module Type Package)


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