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EU23CEDEC1/SES303 - Impact of Annex 1 on Blow-Fill-Seal Technology

‐ Dec 12, 2023 11:00am

Impact of Annex 1 on Blow-Fill-Seal Technology | The Annex 1 2022 has an impact on existing BFS systems and will influence the development of new BFS systems. The presentation will show how existing BFS installations could be implemented in the Contamination Control Strategy. Additionally, the presentation covers how new Annex 1 compliant BFS installation look like and what can be expected for new installations and future developments. It will be explained that regulatory compliance, sustainability and cost-effectiveness can be complementary and not contradictory. - The changes for BFS-Technology between the Annex 1 2008 and Annex 1 2022 will be elaborated - With examples it will be demonstrated, what has to be done for running BFS-Systems to fulfill Annex 1. - The differences between the important new differentiation in the Annex 1 between open parison technology and closed parision technology will be explained. - On a practical example it will be shown how to implement a Contamination Control Strategy for BFS-Technology - New developments in BFS-Technology will be presented for new BFS-Technology to fulfill the Annex 1. - The actual literature will be delivered, to get an overview and to find further information.


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