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EU23CEDEC1/SES404 - Roadmap to Deliver Real Value from Pharma 4.0

‐ Dec 12, 2023 12:00pm

The biopharma manufacturing industry has been on the journey to transform Manufacturing plants around the world into advanced Pharma 4.0 Smart Factories. Based on his extensive experience Simon will share reflections on the journey so far, key approaches, risks and lessons learnt, which have together have resulted in real tangible value delivery for productivity, sustainability, patients, and the workforce.
As part of this he will share how factories are being ‘re-plumbed’ for on-demand data, together with specific example use cases which are delivering transformational value. He will also discuss how new factory investments now need to be designed with a digital-first approach where the 'data and digital' are just as important are the 'concrete and stainless steel'.


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