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Digital Transformation Journey: Lessons Learned from the Pharma 4.0 Baseline Guide

‐ Dec 11, 2023 12:35pm

The digital transformational journey started in ISPE with an initiative called “Pharma 4.0” already in 2017 based on the industry 4.0 digitalization technologies, methodologies and digital maturity assessment principles, taking the Pharma specifics like regulatory requirements in the focus. Starting as an ISPE Special Interest Group, the today's ISPE “Pharma 4.0” Community of Practice / CoP created a holistic Baseline Guide, which as a repository is arching from the how to convince management to start the holistic digital transformational journey, the technology enablers up to the first use cases showing the benefits and challenges in the implementation. The transformational challenges and critical success factors gathered by more than 30 authors of the chapters and use cases in creating this guide for your digitalization journey will be shared and help you to manage your digitalization travel plans!