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SES203 - Sustainability Assessement on CU - Method & Case Study

‐ Jan 29, 2024 3:15pm

In the last five years, global industry and in particular the pharmaceutical industry has been witnessing an important transition on sustainability and the digitalization fields.  In particular, the clean utilities are one of the focus areas experiencing the greatest discussion as it is one of the largest consumers of energy and water.  New technologies and process solutions go hand in hand with the improvement of existing systems with the common goal of using energy and water more efficiently as water is a resource which today has become very rare in many areas of the world.  This presentation aims to show an overview of sustainability in clean utilities for the Facility of the Future-As a supplier of clean utilities systems, we will address end user needs in term of more sustainable technologies and process solutions.  A consolidated method called Sustainability Assessment will be described, which aims to analyze new or existing clean utilities systems and identify solutions to improve sustainability in a cost-effective manner; all contextualized to site and geographical area conditions through a holistic view of the system.  In addition to presenting the main steps of the assessment, a real case study will be shown done for a big pharma company.