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SES104 - Rapid Drug Substance Facility End 2 End Modular Delivery

‐ Jan 29, 2024 4:30pm

Covid-19 pandemic has shown the need for immediate reaction of CDMOs and big pharma to rapidly expand production capacities of still unknown products, which can only be narrowed down to platform processes. This presentation is answering demand for pandemic preparedness of single countries and Europe & CDMOs possible reaction for rapid supply of mRNA. Flexibility in terms of product type, change over and process transfer as well as eye-on-eye level partnerships in supply chain, contract forms and project execution. Design & Build industry´s tweaks to react to rapid timelines using achievements from the last decade such as modular design, plug & play equipment, module type package automation and emerging technologies such as digital twins, AI based construction surveillance and VR training. Also, operational challenges, such as seamless compliance for EHS and GMP while hiring and training highly qualified staff in a time of war for talent.