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SES205 - Powering Biotech: Inside an All-Electric Facility

‐ Jan 29, 2024 5:00pm

For many in biopharma, sustainable operations seem like a distant, expensive, or lofty goal without a clear plan or priority. But not for all. A few in the industry are already reaping the benefits from designing with sustainability in mind. Allogene’s fully electric, solar-powered, zero-water central plant, 136,000 sq ft, CAR T manufacturing facility has been operational for over a year. So, is it a win? What is the theoretical vs. actual power generation and utilization, and is going green worth it? Industry experts George Scott, Senior Director of Facilities & Engineering at Allogene and Jeff Wegner, Energy & Sustainability Fellow at CRB, discuss how this state-of-the-art plant was designed for sustainability and why it makes good business and operational sense. The duo will discuss the strategies employed at the site and dig into real-world operations data against design expectations and industry standards to demonstrate the tangible wins of a greener facility. Sustainability goals are within your reach and more budget-friendly than you might think.