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SES301 - Virtual Twins: Asset Induction & Facility Management

‐ Jan 30, 2024 9:30am

This presentation explores the transformative power of Virtual Twins in enabling collaborative asset induction and next-level facility management for a seamless cutover to Maximo in a complex environment. The project undertaken by CAI in partnership with Seagen involved the induction of over 6,000 asset records across 7 buildings encompassing 500,000 square feet of facilities. Within a tight timeline of 75 days, CAI leveraged Virtual Twins to create a digital replica of the facility, facilitating global collaboration on the project.

By harnessing the Virtual Twins technology, CAI not only handed over asset induction loaders and a digital twin of the facility but also empowered users to navigate and access primary source information through avatars. This breakthrough allowed for an enhanced facility management experience, enabling users to remotely explore the facility, interact with assets, and retrieve critical information in real-time.

Through this presentation, participants will gain insights into the innovative utilization of Virtual Twins, its impact on collaborative asset induction, and the potential for next-level facility management in complex environments.