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SES402 - Enabling Operational Excellence for Aseptic Practices in Sterile Manufacturing

‐ Jan 30, 2024 10:00am

Making medicine with safety first and quality always is integral to meeting patient needs. Increasingly, operational excellence in pharma manufacturing operations has benefitted from the application of technology and best practices. A wide array of technologies are available to reduce human errors, reduce friction in processes, improve response through robust process monitoring and real-time alerts/process status, improve training effectiveness, and generate data for ongoing process improvement, root cause analysis, and performance data for feedback, coaching and training needs. These transformational capabilities enable a continuous learning and improvement culture and organization. In this session, we will share a variety of applications of technology being leveraged to increase operational excellence related to aseptic practices in sterile manufacturing. The session will include examples of virtual reality, augmented reality, video learning, biometric treadmill experiences, wearable technology to reduce process friction and an Apple Watch algorithm and implementation to provide real-time feedback on operator movement along with cloud-based movement analytics to assist with continuous improvement and coaching.