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SES305 - Strategies to Accelerate Pharma 4.0 Adoption - Case Study

‐ Jan 30, 2024 12:15pm

Leveraging connected systems, data and data analytics are setting new standards for pharmaceutical manufacturing . Yet, pharmaceutical companies have been slow to embrace Pharma 4.0. This case study looks at the barriers to Pharma 4.0 adoption, explores tools to help accelerate the journey and then how the theoretical model looks with the examination of a case study. Jabil Healthcare in Albuquerque, NM went through a manufacturing expansion a few years ago, that required purchasing a new, complex water treatment system. The water system was initially managed through third party contractors and traditional preventative maintenance agreements. Over the last two years, Jabil has worked with Xylem to develop a new service model that leverages data, machine learning and AI. The results have provided a 99% reduction in alarms, meeting a 100% uptime goal and reduced overall operating costs by 25%. The case study will look at how Jabil had to change its internal processes and thinking in order to accelerate its Pharma 4.0 adoption and what other options were explored along the way.