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SES306 - A Look Inside the World of Integrated, Digital Operations

‐ Jan 30, 2024 12:45pm

The industry is hungry for mature, integrated digital manufacturing capabilities to enable the most efficient and effective operations possible. But getting there is a journey. This session looks at the essential steps of that journey from three different sides: the owner, service providers, and the industry itself. Yvonne Duckworth, Fellow of Digital Technology at CRB, shares the foundation and planning essentials necessary to achieve true digital integration. Jordan Croteau, Sr. Director of Manufacturing Systems, looks at the navigation and evolution necessary for Moderna to carry forward its digital integration aspirations. And then, we’ll look to the highly anticipated ISPE Baseline Guide for Pharma 4.0 that will help drive the industry further.

This session will look at industry tools, best practices, use cases, and lessons learned.