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EU24CEMAR1/SES302 - Achieving Compliance: Validating VR-Training in Pharma

‐ Mar 12, 2024 11:45am

Pharma 4.0 has brought innovative technologies to the pharmaceutical industry, with digital and data tools becoming essential for value creation and process automation. However, the integration of these technologies faces challenges due to strict regulations such as authority guidelines, GxP compliance, and validation approaches. Virtual Reality has emerged as a powerful tool, providing solutions for different use cases, especially in training. This technology promises multiple benefits to an organization, including value creation for people, planet, and business. Although the validation of platforms and LMS integration are regulated by guidelines, such as CFR21, validating VR training content remains a significant obstacle. To unlock the full potential of VR in cleanroom operator training, we introduce an effective and robust approach for VR content validation. This approach will integrate all critical elements and helps us to unleash VR's full potential, resulting in enhanced training experiences and improved performance. Adopting a fully validated end-to-end VR system paves the way for a harmonized global training approach which allows the industry to harness the full potential of Virtual Reality and unlock new opportunities for growth and development on a global scale.