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EU24CEMAR1/SES304 - Lyophillization by Aseptic Spray Freeze Drying

‐ Mar 12, 2024 1:55pm

Spray Freeze Drying is a lyophilization technology that generates homogenous, free flowing lyophilized bulkware. This increases flexibility in the supply chain, as filling on demand, dosing flexibility and number of units can be chosen as required. It also offers product innovation options by allowing for high solid content, fast reconstitution, combinatory products, or e.g. the applicability of solid dosage form technologies. The technology has been developed for lab, pilot and manufacturing scale, including aseptic operation. The presentation will describe the process which combines spray freezing for the generation of frozen bulk with rotary freeze drying for dynamic lyophilization. The results of applications like reconstitution, filling or aseptic processing will be included, as well as the comparison with conventional freeze drying processes.