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EU24CEMAR1/SES204 - Integrate Biodecontamination Systems For Sustainability

‐ Mar 12, 2024 1:55pm

To design a robust contamination control program you must consider a holistic facility perspective and impact on sustainability. Controlling microbiological contamination by disinfecting surfaces in cleanrooms has historically been performed by a manual approach with biocides that include chemicals that leave residuals, which can be carried into and impact the environment. Industry is moving towards innovative technologies such as automated hydrogen peroxide vapour bio-decontamination systems, which can be fully integrated into the fabric of a building. This improves efficiencies, eliminates chemical residues and provides a validated approach to the bio-decontamination process with minimal environmental impact. We will outline how automated bio-decontamination systems can be integrated into current and future pharmaceutical facilities, to meet your sustainability goals.