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EU24CEMAR1/SESP5 - Winding Path to Success Where Titles, Salaries & Culture Intersect

‐ Mar 12, 2024 5:00pm

Winding Path to Success Where Titles, Salaries & Culture Intersect|

In this insightful panel discussion, we focus on the journey through the biologics, pharmaceutical, and other parts of the aseptic and life sciences industry as they navigate the complex intersection of growth, personal investment, titles, and organizational cultures on their path to success. Our esteemed panelists, accomplished women and men with diverse expertise in the field, will share their experiences, challenges, and strategies for thriving in an industry that plays a crucial role in advancing healthcare.

Who should attend:Leaders committed to creating a more inclusive, innovative, and productive environment; Emerging Leaders and Students hoping to gain a better understanding of the industry opportunities and challenges.

Learning objectives:


  • Introduction to the Aseptic Market and how the Life Sciences Landscape affects Aseptic manufacturing: Our moderator will set the stage by providing an overview of the industry, emphasizing its dynamic nature and the opportunities and challenges it presents for women.


  • Leadership Roles in Scientific Innovation:An examination of roles that drive scientific innovation. The panel will discuss the importance of knowing your authentic self to know the value that you bring to innovation at different parts of your career and examining the idea of “value” and innovation.


  • Technological Advancements and Skill Evolution:Discussing the rapid technological advancements in the life sciences sector and how to stay ahead by continuously evolving skill sets.


  • Future Trends and Opportunities:A forward-looking discussion on emerging trends and opportunities in the Life Science and industry, offering insights into how the landscape is evolving and the roles that will be pivoting in the future.