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EU24CEMAR1/SES208 - Revolutionizing Microbiological Monitoring

‐ Mar 13, 2024 11:15am

This presentation will focus on real rapid method for the enumeration of microbiological samples in the sterile and non sterile as well as the ATMP environment. As the regulations expect more details, faster results and near-online monitoring, the microbiolgocial QC testing is getting a lot of attention nowadays. With methods from the 19th century, they are truly a field in need for a revolution. The presentation will include a case study how automation and enhanced software with algorithm can decrease the time to result, increase the precision and accuracy of the results and reduce the subjectivity of the lab technicians. Additional benefits that would be met by tha automation would be data integrity compliance as well as near online measurement and results every 4 hours. In addition, attendees can expect to learn about the regulatory perspectives to the technology as this is not an alternative method, but an automated compendial method.