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EU24CEMAR1/SES313 - High Concentrated VPHP for Continuous Decontamination

‐ Mar 13, 2024 3:00pm

An innovative decontamination system is presented where highly concentrated vapour phase hydrogen peroxide (HC-VPHP) is injected at high temperature into an open tunnel, suitable for 6-log high speed continuous decontamination of RTU material. The management of chamber pressures allows H2O2 to be kept confined and, in the same time, to achieve a robust killing effect in few seconds. The system qualification strategy is described: the CFD simulations and tests performed to ensure containment effectiveness are presented, as the outcomes of challenges on the microbiological abatement capacity of HC-VPHP. H2O2 residues studies on vials and syringes are another important presentation focus. A final discussion is provided concerning how this new continuous approach can be connected to aseptic fill-finish plants and what kind of advantages it can produce in terms of performance, operational flexibility and sterility assurance.